100 Plus Everyday Recharge for Every Lifestyle


Advertising, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design





Integrated Advertising Campaign, Film, Print, Outdoor

100 Plus wanted to reach out to more people, beyond sports. Rather than trying to change that brand proposition that is already well associated amongst consumers, this campaign used it to its advantage.


Based on a local insight that most consumers perceived the product as a beverage to replenish the minerals they lost, the campaign sets out to position the product as a lifestyle, everyday drink where everyday activities call for the need to replenish.


Showcasing different scenarios where 100 Plus can be consumed to recharge after everyday activities  (rushing for the train and the lift in an office building, sweating out in a game, dancing at a party or shopping after a long day), it sets out as an everyday drink for all lifestyles with a play on word regularly associated with sport but with a twist to fit everyday activities.


The print ads move away from 100 Plus usual advertising visuals of workout and sporting activities to establish itself as more of a lifestyle brand.


Storyboard for proposed Film.

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