The 1-Minute Amnesty Pledge


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Amnesty International recently launched their new brand ethos ‘Taking Injustice Personally’.

Through our research and observation of millennials aged 18–25, we found out that given today’s fast paced world, time becomes an asset that is deemed very precious to them but they wouldn’t mind spending time on social causes only if it doesn’t take up too much of their time.


Armed with this insight, we developed a campaign that shows how millennials can actually make a huge symbollic gesture in just a minute: The 1-Minute Amnesty Pledge. With every pledge a person takes, it shows the power that comes from the masses. And when every pledge adds up, we see just how much the world cares for the injustice which in turn serves as global pressure on decision and policy makers, both locally and internationally.

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Microsite to introduce the cause + recording of the pledge all in 1 minute.

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