NOP: Nation of People

The project celebrates Singapore's five Shared Values amongst millennials through the use of irony to foster self-reflection and appreciation for these values. A brand and its identity was formed to allow millennials to connect with the values and a campaign was launched to promote the values and prompt self-reflection amongst the target audience.


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Creative Process Journal


Based on insights derived from secondary and primary research conducted, a brand and its identity was developed reflecting the consumer perceived benefits of a national shared value by adopting irony as a methodology. For example, the five Shared Values were perceived to be "top-down" and "structured", hence ironically, the identity was designed for maximum flexibility. This ironic sense governs the design decisions behind the creation of the brand and the project.


To promote the brand and to prompt millennials to reflect upon these values, a campaign was launched by placing stickers with thought-provoking captions in ironic situations. This photo book showcases and documents the executions of the disruption campaign.


Introduces the brand, campaign and collation of  user generated content.

Visit the website here.


Based on insights that most millennials turn to Facebook for news and information and enjoy trendy topics, NOP's Facebook page engages with the target audience by producing content around topical subjects and relating it back to the shared values to showcase the relevance of these values in today's context.


Using NOP's Instagram page to collate key user generated reflections from the campaign.


Poster to explain and gives context to the project.


A case study video tells the story of the campaign.

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